Goa'uld Dictionary

Vulcon Orlando 2005

The Tok'ra Resistance was "born" at DragonCon 2005, but the November 2005 Vulkon in suburban Orlando (FL) marked the first time that we were officially represented at a convention. I attended on Saturday, ready to man a recruiting table for SG-Command.net, but there was a mixup and no table was available. I ended up helping the guys from Starfleet Marines International (SMI) with their recruiting table for most of the day (since I'm also a member of that group); several of them were also Stargate fans. During the day, I was able to meet several members of SG-13, the SG-Command regional group I belong to, and was finally able to put names & faces to a few screen names.

It wasn't until after SMI shut their table down for the day that I finally changed into my Tok'ra costume. I admit it wasn't a complete costume... didn't have a zat & holster, the leg wraps weren't ready, and I didn't have time to get the leather part of the belt on and part of the leather lace keeping my skirt together broke (necessitating quick repairs with a leather boot lace). But I was surprised when I started getting complements on my costume! I handed out some business cards I made for the Tok'ra Resistance and got to pose for pictures, including some with a fellow named Glen, as a rather tall rebel Jaffa dressed like Teal'c and carrying a staff weapon.

While we were posing for pictures in the hotel's lobby (with a large gathering of Klingons nearby), Glen & I immediately slipped into character when some of the picture takers started asking questions. The funniest question we heard was when someone asked if multiple (camera) flashes were harmful to symbiotes. The rebel Jaffa Doojinsi (Glen) seemed to feel that they wern't. I agreed, adding that I believed our symbiotes also felt that way, according to what Mardesh told me. I'm sure if Jacob Carter & Selmak were still with us, they'd laugh as well. I did switch a little to Mardesh during the exchange, which didn't seem to faze Glen at all.

The day concluded with SMI's Seventh Division honoring my late father with a special divisional commendation. I was still wearing my Tok'ra costume but was very moved by this honor.

Overall, the day at Vulkon was fun even though I didn't get to spend a lot of time in costume. I'm still looking forward to doing more of this in the future. And if we get a recruiting table next time... we'll make the most of it!

By Shelnar