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Tok'raCon '07

Our first Tok'raCon, hopefully the first of many. I have to start by saying thank you to everyone who came. Major kudos go to Reese for planning this event and making it happen, in spite of crazy work schedules and other setbacks. I am honored to have you on my team.

The weekend got off to a bit of a rough start, with 3/4 of the people who had been planning to come having to back out due to being sick, snowed in, etc. In the end there were six of us. Me, Reese, Rhea, and Janelle, plus Christine and Erica who haven't come over to join the Tok'ra yet, but we'll forgive them that. It ended up that all six of us who came were girls, so the weekend took on a bit of a geeky slumber party feel. It was definitely more relaxed than a normal con, and we had a few extra 'guests'.

There was also no heat when we arrived. Granted, we were in South Carolina, so it wasn't as big of a problem as it would have been at home. But it still got cold at night. Major kudos go to Reese’s father for refilling the tank enough to get us through the weekend by hand. One gallon jug at a time.


We obviously had to modify the LARP since we had roughly ¼ of the people it had been written for, so the combat got scratched leaving what was mostly a puzzle solving scenario. But that was fine, and we still had a lot of fun.

The basic backstory Reese created was that roughly two thousand years ago when Egeria was still making little Tok’ra babies so didn't have to be quite as careful about their numbers, a group of Tok’ra discovered an Ancient base. They managed to create a wormhole to the Pegasus galaxy, and then couldn’t get back, so they have been stuck there ever since. There were obviously no Goa’uld to fight there, so they took up that galaxy’s battle fighting the wraith. The villagers on that planet had some fancy tech (read – from the Ancients) that they didn’t know how to use but knew it would be best kept out of wraith hands. Shortly after the Tok'ra arrived they helped the villagers hide the techie toys, along with some of their own Goa’uld technology which they also wanted to keep away from the wraith. These folks are of course long gone by the time our story takes place. (yes, like Brotherhood, only without the Genaii.) The Pegasus Tok’ra renamed themselves the ‘Tok’alaqua’ which literally translated means ‘against the leeches’

I got to play the lost Tok’ra queen. My character was Eschel/Araven, who was a lot of fun to play. Eschel is the Tok’ra queen, fairly serious and has a tendency to get protective when people get near the pond where her offspring are. Araven is a newly blended bubbly teenager. The fact that the two personalities were so vastly different made it a lot much fun to play. And fun to watch the Atlantis folks look confused when the serious leader starts bouncing, giggling, and talking about skating on the frozen pond back home.

Rhea and Janelle played two more Tok’alaqua, both children of Eschel. Rhea played a female version of Ronon, bent on killing every wraith in the galaxy with her bare hands if necessary. Kill. wraith. dead! She was a bit on the paranoid side, and insisted on being armed to the teeth even when going to the bathroom. Kill. wraith. dead! Rhea had way too much fun with that one. Janelle was the bookish innkeeper, at least to outside appearances. She also maintained the computers and historical databases hidden below ground in the tunnels.

Christine and Erica were the Atlantis team, Christine being a scientist and Erica being the military type. Reese was the GM, though she filled in as an Atlantis member occasionally when we needed some help. If you’ve ever gamed before, you know the GM is kind of like God to a scenario. Before long we were referring to her as such. “Hey, God, some help here please?”

When we pick up the storyline, the Atlantis team has found their way to the planet where the Tok’alaqua are living, but of course they don’t know that. The Stargate on the planet is quite a ways from the town, to give most of them time to hide underground in the Tunnels when the wraith show up. But again, the Atlantis folks don't know this. They just know that the Stargate is way out in the middle of nowhere, and we had to walk a long way to get back.

After finding out that these newcomers are from their home galaxy, the Tok’alaqua start asking all kinds of questions, which makes the Atlantis folks a bit nervous. But the people on the planet speak a modified version of the Ancient language, and there are obviously some treasures left behind by the Ancients, so they stick around in hopes of finding something useful. Though it was unclear if they really wanted the Ancient toys, or just wanted to further their mission of spreading Soduku across the galaxy. "So I guess I am going to have to introduce you to Sodoku. Its a numbers game. I'm sure you will be great at it."

Janelle played librarian extraordinaire, finding all kinds of useful information. We all fumble through a series of codes, clues, and a pretend scavenger hunt in which we refused to go outside in the cold to actually find the next clue once we had successfully figured out where it was supposed to be hidden.

Christine waits until we leave the room and then finds the ancient treasure chest. The chest includes, among other things, a ZPM and a ribbon device. The results were highly amusing.

"I found THIS" Christine waves around a ribbon device. "You have some explaining to do."
Me (using symbiote voice for the first time) - "WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT?!"
Christine now does a personality shift as well as any Tok'ra, and goes from demanding to cowering. "um, with the ZPM?"

Rather than let them go off thinking we are Goa'uld, we finally explaining who we are. I ask if my mother Egeria is still alive, and we have a very sad moment when we find out she isn’t. We let the Atlantis folks have the ZPM in exchange for the ability to travel and send messages to and from the Tok’ra in the Milky Way. After 2,000 years we have come to see Pegasus as home, and we have responsibilities to the village we have been keeping at least partially safe from the wraith for centuries. But we end with discussing the possibility of Eschel returning to Milky Way for an extended stay. Yay! New baby Tok'ra!

Hot, sexy roaches

One of the best moments in the LARP, this one gets its own section. As the Atlantis team was trying to explain the state of the galaxy back in the Milky Way, one mentions Ba’al is one of the few system lords left. (for those who don’t follow Stargate, Ba’al is played by the very good looking Cliff Simon) She explains that Ba’al has managed to get his hands on cloning technology, so she says that there are lots of him and they multiply like roaches. To which Christine is heard to mutter ‘hot, sexy roaches’. We all about died laughing, and the phrase quickly became the slogan of the weekend. See the coppermine album for pictures of the new 'hot sexy roaches' t-shirts.

Geekin' evening

At the end of the LARP, Christine changed from her scientist Atlantis gear into her ‘possessed Weir’ outfit from the Mr and Mrs Smith visit Atlantis episode. She then proceeds to play Dance Dance Revolution while still wearing her tac test and sidearm. Apparently Dance Dance Revolution is one of the Great Atlantis pastimes. The rest of us were generally happy to watch and take turns playing with the beanie baby symbiote.

We had some fun posing for various pictures in various costumes, including posessed Weir fighting our female Ronon, along with a good let's-use-the-healing-device shot.

By Kitha