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Shore Leave 2007

Shore Leave is always a fun weekend. I got down to Baltimore around 3 in the afternoon on Friday. I've been to enough of these now that I can't go very far without running into someone I know. So the first couple hours mostly catching up with friends I hadn't seen since last year. Cons are almost like a mini reunion by now. Well, maybe not so mini. I was in my brown Tok'ra uniform, and several people remembered me because of the costume as well.

Gwynyth Walsh was at her table already, so I decided to make the presentation early while I knew she was there. I brought in the certificate the Reese had made. Gwynyth was very nice, graciously accepted. She seemed to 'get' the fans more than a lot of the actors I've met. When I went up for an autograph, she asked me if I wanted it personalized to my character. I would have never asked an actor to sign something to my character, but personalized to my Tok'ra character from Egeria was just too cool to pass up. And it was her suggestion, which makes it all the better.

I also asked her if she knew the name of Kelmaa and Egeria's host, that is never mentioned in the episode. She said she still has the script, but she didn't think the writers had given her one. But she did say she'd look, and if there was a name, she'd email it to me. I'd probably have a heart attack if I actually got an email from her, but it was still nice of her to offer. And the Tok'ra team now has a new honorary member. A big thank you goes to Gwynyth for bringing not one but two Tok'ra to life. Including our beloved queen Egeria.

That evening I went to a Stargate RPG game with Pendragon and some of her friends. It was a lot of fun. They played a very loose version of the game, without being quite as much emphasis on the rules and more emphasis on the role play. I think I would do better in an all Tok'ra campaign. Somehow whenever I let my character get around the Tau'ri, the alliance begins to unravel further. Circumstances seem to conspire against all of us. Maybe it's a Goa'uld plot. But seriously. The man had a symbiote, so obviously he had been taken as a Goa'uld. Since when is a native born Tau'ri a Jaffa? That doesn't make any sense. At least this time we had patched things up with most of the characters by the end, including the Tau'ri Jaffa.

The Gate was set up by Saturday. It gets a little better every year. This year the chevrons actually lit up. And they are actually keeping it each year now to set up again next year. The gate is always one of the coolest things at the con.

I saw Collin Cunningham's panel. He showed his short film that he's been working on. It was... creepy. Collin described it as a movie about Karma. It's basically about a drunken child abuser getting whats coming to him. When some unseen stranger locks him in the trailer that he lives in and takes him on a long one-way ride through the desert. And then leaves him there to bake in the heat, still locked in the trailer.

I got to meet Stephanie who runs the Tok'ra Yahoo group. She is very sweet. I've been a member of the other Tok'ra group for years, so it was great to finally meet the 'list mom'. We had fun discussing the two groups. We Tok'ra have to stick together, of course.

One of the things this con is going to be remembered for is the tribbles. There was a guy walking around dressed as Cyrano Jones, aka the tribble salesman from The Trouble with Tribbles. He had a cargo vest with tribbles in every pocket. He was totally in character too. I ran into him just outside the dealers room. When he handed me a tribble all I could do was laugh. Which of course prompted the response that see how happy it made me and wouldn't I like to adopt a tribble. They were only $5, so I soon was the proud owner of a pet tribble. Fortunately this one didn't reproduce. At least, I don't think it did. As the day went on, more and more tribbles started showing up around the con. The guy must have brought hundreds of them with him. By evening, every other person was walking around holding a tribble. And I suspect that many of those who weren't carrying tribbles had left their new pets in their hotel rooms. The end result did make it look like the tribbles were multiplying rapidly.

I skipped the masquerade, and spent the evening hanging out with Pendragon. After the masquerade was the Ten Forward party. I put my glowy contacts in since the room was dark enough that they could be seen. Yes, I can now make my eyes glow, YAY! Yes, it only works if it's dark, and if someone across from me is shining the UV flashlight at me. Or in this case the Sonic Screwdriver, since I had left my UV light at home. I ended up picking up a Sonic Screwdriver with a UV light in the dealer room. Still, it was fun to finally get to use the contacts at a con. Maybe one of these days I'll figure out a better way to rig up the UV light.

Gwynyth Walsh did her panel Sunday morning. I didn't hear any good on-set stories to pass along. She talked mostly about acting in general, and about being a female actor. Apparently there are twice as many female actors competing for half as many available parts. So that makes things challenging. She also says that despite the challenges, she loves what she does. Looking back, I should have asked her if anyone had given her a tribble.

It was a fun weekend, with lots of fanish fun and pleanty of costumes. And lots of tribbles.

By Kitha