Goa'uld Dictionary

Shore Leave 2006


I was the first Tok’ra to arrive at the con. For Friday I was in my newest Tok’ra costume. This one is the kind of outfit they wear around the tunnels when they aren’t on duty. If you watch the Tok’ra Part 1, when the councilors walk into the room, you will see my specific costume standing second from the right. It is a very obscure costume, and most people didn’t get it, but I had pretty much expected that. It was a very easy costume to make, and very comfortable.

I stopped by Carmen Argenziano’s table. Carmen is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met. He recognized me but couldn’t place me. I should have worn my tan uniform. He probably would have recognized the costume. He remembered the SG-Command mixer at Dragoncon, and I told him about the Tok’ra team had formed that night, after he had left. I think he was amused.

I picked up Nemrac from the train station, ran into some other friends I had met at Dragoncon last year, and met rheavaryn from the other Tok’ra group. Rhea was in her undercover Tok’ra costume, and quickly became the third member of our Tok’ra contingent.

We ran into Corin Nemic in the hotel lobby. He was really nice. After getting pictures, we learned that Corin had written the episode Fallout. I hadn’t known that before.

Doqtaj had made custom dogtags for each of the actors present at the con, with the Earth gate address on one side and a picture of the charater on the back. Since I’m on the local SG-2 team, she said it was my responsibility to hand them out or to find someone else from SG-2 to hand them out. I gave Corin’s and Connor’s dogtags to Nate to do the presentations, and I kept Carmen’s and Amanda’s since I had other presentations to make to them anyway. This proved far more challenging than I had imagined. At least for Amanda’s. But more on that later.

By this time it was getting late, we were tired, and we decided to call it a night. And I was anxious to get my sandals off. My sandals were hurting my feet, and I wanted to get them off before blisters formed. It would look really funny to have a Tok’ra limping around the con. I may be a cosplayer, but I can only fake so much.


Saturday morning Nemrac and I got dressed up in our Tok’ra unifroms and I presented Carmen with the framed certificate that Fayal had created, along with a team patch, asking him to be an honorary member of the Tok’ra Resistance. He really liked it and said he’d love to be an honorary member. Yay! We also gave him the customized dogtag from SG-Command. Fayal had asked me to get an autograph from Carmen for her, so I picked that up too. Carmen asked me who it was for, and when I said it was for another member of the Tok’ra team that hadn’t been able to make it, he signed it to “a fellow Tok’ra.” I think she’ll like it.

The SG-Command fan table was nicely set up by this time, and I took my turn watching it. The giant 18’ stargate is finally set up. It looks really good, and we get some cool pictures.

We went to see the panel that Carmen and Amanda did. It was a lot of fun. At one point Amanda saw a baby girl in the audience and went to hold her. You could definately see the maternal side of Amanda. We heard several stories of on-set jokes.

I stood in the very long line to get Amanda Tapping’s autograph, since Fayal had asked me to get one for her. Amanda was incredibly generous in agreeing to give away all her autographs. That did make things difficult for me though, since I was trying to present her with a certificate and her dogtag from SG-Command. The con staff told me no gifts were allowed in the main autograph line. The line was being moved through just as quickly as Amanda could sign her name. It was like a factory conveyor belt. No personalization on the autographs, and you could talk to her for the time it took for her to sign her name. Her hand must have been killing her by the end of the day. Ack! So I was told to wait in the line for my autograph. Amanda Tapping asks me if I made my costume and says it’s really good. I was of course thrilled.

Then I stand around and wait for them to be done for the day so we could make our presentation at the very end. So I waited. And waited. And the line was closing. And I asked the con staff if I could do the gifts. And they said it had already gone late and to come back tomorrow right when they were starting again, and they would get me in. Ok, I’ll come back tomorrow.

Nemrac, Rhea, and I had a very nice evening. We discovered that Rhea already had a backstory created for her Tok’ra character. A good indication that she’ll fit right in with the Tok’ra team. But she didn’t have a name for the symbiote yet. So we did a bit of online searching and re-arranging spellings, and settled on K’tyr. We ran into a Jaffa, which turned into an interesting combination of pleasant chatting and staged mutual dislike.

At one point Rhea goes up to the guy dressed as Anubis and poses as if she is happy to serve such a powerful Goa’uld. Then attacks him with her ribbon device saying that he will feel the wrath of the Tok’ra. :) Ok, so a ribbon device wouldn’t have much effect on a half-ascended being, but it was still fun.


Sunday morning was pretty laid back. The three Tok’ra were still in the same costumes we’d been in most of the weekend, though Rhea’s top layer has been wrapped at least half a dozen different ways over the course of the three days.

Sunday afternoon I position myself near the autograph table. I tried to find the guy who had told me I could present them to her before the line started. He is nowhere to be found. I had mentioned my situation to about half a dozen of the con volunteers over the course of the two days, trying to make sure that no matter who was around when the time came, it would be someone I had already spoken to and gotten approval from. Apparently I missed one person.

The guy who I had been told was in charge of the lines, who I had spoken to on Saturday, is nowhere to be found. I’m talking to this lady who says that she is the one in charge, and that I should have given the things to her the day before when I had gone through the line. I explained I had asked the day before, and other con staff had told me not to. We went around in circles for a little while and I’m half wishing I really could make my eyes glow and be all intimidating. I promise it will only take a minute. She looks me in the eye and practically growls ‘you have 30 seconds’. Hardly enough time, but I’ll have to make do.

The three of us practically run up to Amanda’s table. I’d had a very nice presentation all prepared, but I had to abandon it because of the 30 second time limit. So I instead I start right off with ‘I was told we only have 30 seconds. We’re with the Tok’ra team in SG-Command and we were wondering if you would be an honorary member.’ I felt like I was practically throwing it at her in my attempt to get both items to her before the con lady had me forcibly removed. Hardly the nice presentation I had hoped for, but fortunately Amanda was as nice as the con lady had been difficult. She says that 30 seconds isn’t nearly enough and of course she would be an honorary member and wasn’t that sweet. Then I gave her the dogtag, explained that it was from SG-Command. She loved it and promptly put it around her neck. She wore it the rest of the afternoon. Mutual thank you’s were exchanged and Amanda came around the table to give us each a hug. I never did get an autograph from Amanda, at least not one I get to keep. But that moment was worth more than any autograph. Despite all the efforts of the angry con lady.

The con was winding down to a close. Though stressful at times, the con was a success. The Tok’ra Resistance team gained one new member and two honorary members. And a lot of fun was had by all.

By Kitha