Goa'uld Dictionary

FTX 2007

The Tok’ra had a good turnout at Stargate Atlanta's FTX, which is their term for a Live Action Role Play. Kitha and Rhea have submitted a combined report. Rhea's comments are in italics, to differentiate when the POV changes.

Rhea, Janelle, Contessa, Teagan, Reese and I were there for the weekend. The Tok’ra had their own cabin, which quickly got named the Tok’ra Tunnels and was decorated accordingly. We had tunnel crystals on the walls inside and at the entrance to the cabin, various props on the shelves, and pictures of fellow Tok’ra – including a picture of Egeria. We had a constant stream of visitors coming to see our cabin and take pictures. We easily had the coolest cabin there.

The LARP was fun, though completely insane. The LARP's scenerio was based on the Star Trek episode Shore Leave, in which a computer took memories from people’s minds and turned them into reality. Kind of like the holodeck, but more dangerous. Of course, we didn’t know that until afterwards. I’ll refer to the things created by the computer as holograms, even though according to the GM they were actually recreated and then disintegrated on a molecular level, so they weren’t actually holograms. But continually referring to them as the molecular recreations of a computer’s misguided attempt to communicate is just way too confusing.

The SGC had requested assistance in retrieving SG-21, who had gone missing. Tok'ra council had agreed to send a team to aid in the rescue operation. This was largely in an attempt to rebuild to alliance between the Tok'ra and the Tau'ri, which had been tenuous at best for over a year. Rhea, Janelle, Reese, and myself were actively working with the Tau’ri for the entire scenario. Teagan was there periodically as a messenger from the Council. Contessa joined us later in the day, and provided some much needed backup.

The Tau’ri had three other visitors that day, who referred to themselves as ‘The Guardians’. They were from an unnamed planet and were supposedly trying to establish an alliance with the Tau’ri to help in their fight against the Goa’uld.

The mission began innocently enough. We met up with some of the Tau'ri who we had worked with before. Kitha was still rather mistrusting of the Tau’ri since their recent symbiote poison attacks that had killed many Tok’ra, including her closest friend Zaren. But even she had to admit it was good to see Captain Liebowitz and Dr. Harper again.

I was in the first team to head over to the planet where SG-21 went missing. We walk through the gate and encounter the first holograms. They were smurfs. As in the little blue creatures. They wanted to take us to their smurfy village and meet their smurfy elders. WTF?????? If it was confusing to the Tau’ri, it was complete nonsense to the aliens who were not familiar with Earth’s culture and entertainment industry. The smurfs then turned into Jaffa and decided it was smurfy fun to torture us. And the second team who was supposed to be right behind us decided to take the scenic route, and left us there for about half an hour before finally showed up to rescue us.

Speaking as one who was on the scenic route, we had our own brand of torture—the Guardians. ANYTHING that moved, we heard the same routine….”I HAVE A SHOT!” As the Guardians screamed for permission to shoot from their administrator. At this point, I should mention that the players themselves were good people, but their characters? Total waste of atmosphere, but the Guardians thought the same of the Tok’ra. We never really got off to the right start, what with their yelling “JAFFA!” when we got close. They drew weapons the first time we met and it really should have been a clue. Rhea, however, was trying to make nice. Even as we walked…and walked…and walked….until we got a call for help from Kitha. I informed our Tauri captain we had received a call for help and he agreed we should investigate. And…we were walking. And…walking, until it occurred to one of the other Tauri that we might be going the wrong way. Fortunately, Lt. Ellen Ripley showed up to take us to the Smurf village.

Rhea insists she’s scarred for life after seeing Anubis dance the Macarena, even in a holographic form.

In any case, we were fortunately able to rescue Kitha and the rest of her team, after which we headed further down the way to explore—and found the OK Corral. Don’t ask. Rhea was vaguely familiar with the concept, having read some history logs during her time on assignment with the Tauri, but even she was puzzled and now suspicious. A lieutenant from a crashed ship (with no such ship in sight) was bad enough, but dead historical figures? The battle didn’t go well for us, either, and all of us but Reese and Janelle were wounded at some point. (Rhea received an injury while healing the captain, as Wyatt Earp attacked her from behind and the Guardians weren’t exactly watching her back. In retrospect, this should have been another clue.) The Tok’ra Ambulance came to the rescue with the healing devices and we were back to the SGC for a bit of a breather and a debriefing.

The scenario went downhill from there. Remember, the incidents were taken from the minds of the team that had been there before us, and got all jumbled up. It was everything from Klingons to Elmer Fud to Mary Kay ladies determined to give a makeovers to the guys. For each scenario we completed, we got a piece to the puzzle we had to solve. After each scenario, the Tok’ra would get out their healing devices and heal whoever had gotten themselves injured. I swear we were the official band-aid’s of the SGC. At least people seemed to like having us around, if only because we could use healing devices. Well, most people at least.

As Kitha continued with that insanity, Rhea, Janelle, and Reese had their own problems. The Tauri with us had decided to basically shoot anything holographic on sight, ignoring the Tok’ra suggestions that perhaps we should talk to these holograms…until one started bleeding (that whole made-real-by-the-computer thing). Then they listened, but were distracted by trying to deal with several characters at once. The Tauri meant well, but the scenario was confusing enough to begin with and it was quickly getting worse from there. Fortunately, we were recalled by the Council very soon thereafter so we could reunite with Kitha. Teagan gave us an update from the Council before we headed back into the field to investigate some missing artifacts.

And if Rhea thought she had a bad day before, it was about to get a whole lot worse.

There were ongoing problems with ‘The Guardians’. They started off mildly antagonistic, and quickly escalated to deadly. By the end of the game, we were referring to them as ‘The Tok’ra Killers’, so that gives you a pretty good idea where things went.

Early in the game they disappeared with a book that had been left behind by SG-21, and which we had by then figured out contained some of the clues to solving the puzzle. I had seen them take it, supposedly to bring it back to the SGC. Somehow it never made it. We finally find them, and they still have the book. They claimed some nonsense about having found it in the woods, which no one believed. They head back for the gate, and Rhea quietly falls in with, to make sure it actually makes it back and they don’t try to steal it again. This one guy turns and shoots her. She draws an Ace, which is the worst possible card to draw, and goes down hard. So while she critically wounded and unconscious, he flips her over, cuts open the back of her neck, and attempts to rip her symbiote out of her neck with his dagger. The Guardians then leave her lying in the middle of the field and go about their business.

While that was happening, the other Tok’ra were off healing someone who had been injured in battle with Klingons and Storm Troopers. Don’t ask. Finally one of the Tau’ri teams finds Rhea, and uses her Tok’ra Communicator to call us and say we had better get there with our healing devices quick.

So began our fight to bring Rhea and K’tyr back from the brink of death. Reese, Janelle and I were all gathered around Rhea. Janelle and Reese worked hard with the healing devices, trying to keep her alive. I was already exhausted, having done the bulk of the healing device work in the previous session. So while Janelle and Reese worked, I was cradling Rhea’s head, begging her to hang in there and not to leave us. Rhea was struggling to remain conscious long enough to warn us that we in danger and the Guardians had threatened to kill all of us.

When she is healed enough and the full story comes out, we were all understandably furious. A group of very angry Tok’ra track down the Guardians and find them about to disappear through the gate. We take down two of their group, since the third had already left. Reese writes ‘Traitor’ on their backs and sends them back through the gate to the SGC.

We never made it to the briefing room. It was an all out screaming match starting the moment we all came through the gate. The fact that it we were in the Tau’ri’s military facility was probably the only thing that kept it from becoming another firefight. The Guardians were screaming that they kill all worms and they don’t give a damn what we call ourselves. The guy who had shot Rhea kept waving this chain of ‘symbiote skulls’ like they were notches in his belt, and saying he was going to add us to the chain. We were screaming that how dare they call us Goa’uld when we’ve been fighting the Goa’uld far longer than they had even been alive, and their planet probably would have been destroyed or enslaved long ago if we hadn’t kept the Goa’uld so busy fighting amongst themselves, and we had healed their wounded earlier in the day and they thank us by trying to kill us.

The GM had not planned for player on player combat, and wasn’t sure how to handle it. In one of the lines that is sure to be remembered, he tries to calm everyone down saying “there has obviously been a misunderstanding here” Which of course only made things worse. THEY TRIED TO RIP HER SYMBIOTE OUT OF HER NECK!!!! WHAT IS THERE TO MISUNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT!!!! And it started all over again… again.

Liebowitz potentially lost his rank when he defended Tok’ra against the Guardians in spite of orders to stand down. Tough between that and his rescue of Lashek a few years ago, he earned a standing invitation to the tunnels whenever he wants to use it. Harper has one too, and he has also expressed a possible interest in becoming a host. So we'll see what comes of that.

The Tau’ri then expect us to put our ‘differences’ with the Guardians aside, and work together. That was about as effective as using a zat’nik’tel against replicators. At this point even the Tau’ri were becoming suspect. They were obviously determined not only to work with these killers, but expected us to risk our lives by continuing to work alongside those who had stated they would kill us the first chance they got. No apology, no offer to keep them under guard or otherwise make sure they didn’t attack us again. We were just supposed to risk our lives on a hostile planet where we now not only had to watch out for killer holograms, but also watch our backs against so-called team members who were out to kill us. All over a bunch of strangers that were probably dead already.

It turned out in the end that SG-21 was dead, though we did manage to shut off the computer that was generating all the insane holograms.

We had been sent to the Tau’ri as a gesture of good faith, to help mend the alliance, but the incident only served to damage relations further. The people we had been trying to save had been dead long before we made it to the planet. From a mission perspective, a failure of a day. Fortunately, it was a still blast to act out. And a lot of fun was had by all.