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Stargate The Lost Colony
Episode 2: Spy Games

A secret anti-alien organization has placed a sleeper cell on Atlantis. The arrival of the Tok'ra triggers them into action. It's a deadly game of subterfuge, and a race against time, as the xenophobic faction is determined to end the Atlantis Expedition.

Lost Colony Episode 2 is in production. We will finish filming summer 2010, and hope to have the episode finished by fall 2011.

This is a much more ambitious project than our first episode, and we managed to increase the quality of the productin as well. It is a full length episode, and takes place on Atlantis. This episode was filmed indoors, where we were able to eliminate many of the sound problems we had with the first episode. It was also our first experience with building sets instead of filming on location.

Get a sneak peak at Spy Games. Download the trailer below!

Download the Episode 2 Trailer