Goa'uld Dictionary

Dragoncon 2012

This year was a first for the Tokr'a in the parade. Almost half of the people in the Stargate section of the parade were Tok'ra. There were only ten people marching in the Stargate section, but four of them were Tok'ra. So all things considered, I call that a success. The Tok'ra fans may be a small subsection of Stargate fandom, but we are loyal!

Tjalfe looks a good bit like Martouf, and his costumes are dead on. To the point he had some fellow Dragoncon attendees wondering if JR Bourne was actually at the convention!

Some of us went to the Stargate trivia night, which was put on by the Stargate track to raise money for the official Dragoncon charity. This year it was the ALS Association. We weren't the best trivia buffs on the team, but we did manage to answer a couple of crucial questions to pull the team ahead just enough for a win. Apparently almost no one other than the Tok'ra remembered that the race that initially developed Tertonin was the Pangarans.

We had a great time hanging out, cosplaying, and generally enjoying the Geek-fest that is Dragoncon. The team went out to dinner at PittyPat's porch one night, and a great time was had by all. Dragoncon was a blast as always. It is always good to see everyone again.

By Kitha