Goa'uld Dictionary

Dragoncon 2007

Dragoncon essentially started Thursday evening, despite what the schedule said. By that evening the Hyatt lobby was full of costumed con-goers, and several bands had already taken over the various ballrooms in the Hyatt. By Friday morning the con was in full swing. I was very glad I had gotten my con badge the night before, when the line was only 45 minutes long. Instead of the wrapped-around-the-block line on Friday.

Friday morning I ran into some of the Stargate track folks, and ended up helping them to carry stuff into the track room. And I did not have anything to do with the paper airplane launched from the 40th floor of the Marriott. Honest. I made no attempt to stop it, but that’s different. It only got as far as the 36th floor anyway, where it landed in front of one of the housekeeping ladies. She did not look amused.

Friday there was a giant wall hanging of the gate on the floor where the Stargate track was. Unfortunately it had disappeared by the following day, so my plans to get pictures in front of it never came about. We did manage to catch an undercover Rhea and K'tyr before the gate disapeared.

Saturday morning was the parade. We all got up early to get into costume, and made our way to Woodruf Park to stand in line for an hour waiting for our group to be called. We only had three Tok’ra in the parade this year, down from six last year. Though the parade overall had more alien costumes in the Stargate section, so at least there was variety rather than just a sea of OD green military.

“Shut up, McKay” This was arguably either the funniest, or the most overused, joke of the Stargate track. There were two guys who came as Mckay and Zelenka. And they looked enough like their screen counterparts to make it work really well. “Shut up, McKay” was shouted every few minutes on the parade route, so just about everyone who attended probably heard it, regardless where they were standing along the way.

One of the wraith marching in the parade would periodically charge at the audience, looking for a meal. Only to be repeatedlyforced back into line at gun point by members of the Atlantis team. Some people laughed. Some people looked genuinely scared. After the parade we had the Stargate parade group picture. Our own Nemrac can be seen keeping Hathor under guard.

That afternoon was the Stargate Alien costuming panel. It went much better than last year. We had five people actually on the panel, plus several people who stood up at the front to talk about their costumes. Leather working, making latex prosthetics, resin casting, sculpting, pattern alterations, etc. I went far better than I had hoped. Yay! Contessa and I were on the panel as Tok'ra in tan and brown uniforms respectively. Reese was on the panel as well, though sporting her wraith drone costume. Emuz modeled the male version of the brown uniform, Rhea modeled some Free Jaffa robes, and Nemrac wore a screen used Tok'ra 'tunic'. Of course we analysed it in depth since we had a real screen used costume for reference. So the Tok'ra team was well represented. Lostncybr and Bedlamx rounded out the actual panelists, and also did a great job. Mary and Gypsy helped out with the Nox costumes and armor sections. Big thank you's to everyone who participated.

Then the Tok’ra team did our presentation to Vanessa Angel. We got a lovely Tok’ra team picture with Anise. We even had one of our newer members show up in a wonderfully done Anise costume. I think Vanessa was surprised to see someone had recreated her costume. And the Tok’ra Resistance has yet another honorary member! We’re going to run out of Tok’ra to give them to before long! Now if we could just find a way to meet up with Peter Stebbings...

I saw about half of the Stargate actor mega-panel. It was funny. Michael Shanks started off the panel by giving all the slashers something to squee about. The first question was a rather stupid “what did you have for breakfast” to which Michael answered “Coffee. Black. The way I like my men.” (cue meaningful glance between Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge). Those two played off each other a good bit, though we didn’t get to see that dynamic quite as much on a panel of twelve. Michael and Lexa also had some amusing banter. I imagine Lexa would have to have some way of dealing with fact that her husband is a fangirl favorite. Apparently she keeps him in line pretty well.

Saturday evening was the Tok’ra team party. For the most part we sat around, chatted, and ate yummy goodies that Reese and Rhea had made. We had ten members present, and I think that's the most we've ever had together at one time. We got team pictures, mostly if not entirely in costume. We introduced some of the newer members to the ‘hot sexy roaches’ joke. And we pretty much sat around and chatted until Reese's non-Tok'ra roommates kicked us out sometime around 1am. Sometimes I forget that the unblended tire faster than we do.

I was in the food court on Sunday, in my undercover costume, and a random congoer saw me and immediately knew I was a Tok'ra. Dressed like a Goa'uld, wearing a ribbon device, but he said I didn't look like a Goa'uld. I wasn't sure whether to be glad or nervous. Maybe he just recognized me from the day before, when I was in my Tok'ra uniform. Still, a bit unusual. Maybe I need to work on my undercover act a bit more.

I watched the Stargate ‘family feud’ game. The afore mentioned McKay and Zelenka were running the game, which was far more interesting than the game itself. Those two had the characters down perfectly! And yes, “Shut up, McKay” was heard once or twice more when the situation warranted it. And sometimes just for the heck of it.

Back in the Marriott, I ran into Reese, and we decided to go back up to her room and work on the desserts left over from the night before. As well as the spiked jello that somehow never made it out into the open at the official party. Teagan stopped by for a little while, but unfortunately she couldn’t join us for long. Still, it was a very fun way to spend the last night of the con.

Monday morning is always a bit sad. I went around and said goodbye to people. The con is never long enough to get to spend time with all the people I want to, and I felt like this year I spent a little time with lots of people but didn’t get to spend any significant time with anyone.

Audrey and I caught a cab to the airport, officially marking the end of the con. Another whole year until we get to do it again.

By Kitha