Goa'uld Dictionary

Dragoncon 2006


This year Dragoncon essentially started on Thursday. The first order of business after checking in was to hang the tunnel crystal wall hangings over the curtains. We have our priorities after all. With familiar tunnel crystals over one wall at least, the room quickly started to feel like home.

People were already beginning to walk around in costume by Thursday afternoon. The con seems to start earlier every year. The afternoon was spent handling logistics related to the fan table and meeting up with old friends. If you go to enough cons, you start to get to know some of the regulars. This year Dragoncon was like a big family reunion.


Friday was the first real day of the con. More team members arrived, Tok’ra uniforms started to come out, and the team began its best showing yet. The Tok’ra team was largely responsible for coordinating the fan table this year, and we did have a darn good table if I do say so myself. All of the props on the table, with the exception of a bottle of Jaffa Juice, were brought by members of the Tok’ra team. We rock! By Saturday lostncybr had arrived and brought quite a bit of additional stuff, but he almost counts as a member. He was a member of the Tok’ra team before the original site crashed, and his character’s story has him being temporarily blended to save the lives of both parties after a joint mission went wrong. So he’s close.

Friday evening I got to see a performance of the Brobdingnogin Bards, who have been a standard at Dragoncon for several years now. As per normal, I left with my sides aching from laughing so hard. These two guys put on a great performance. If you ever get a chance to see them live, take it.


Saturday morning is the Dragoncon parade. When the people of Atlanta are forbidden to walk down one of their main streets to allow the geeks to show off their handiwork. I have to wonder what the locals think when they see the freaks gathering in a local park in the middle of downtown, from every imaginable fandom.

The Tok’ra had their own line in the parade! Last year Nemrac was our only Tok’ra in the parade. This year we had six in full Tok’ra uniform, plus one in Tau’ri gear as a Tok’ra liaison. Yay! Rhea had to go to Kinko’s that morning before the parade to staple her not-quite-finished uniform on. I wish I could have seen the clerk’s face. Most of the Tau’ri opted to ride in a truck that they had commandeered, but the Tok’ra opted to march. We had worked too hard on the costumes to have them half hidden behind the truck. And it is good to be able to show a variety of costumes for Stargate in the parade. There is always a sea of Olive Drab BDU’s. The alien costumes are different, and far more interesting if you ask me. There was also an Ori Prior in the parade, and the Tok’ra spent most of the parade with guarding him. At least our symbiotes will protect us from any biological attacks he might try.

“Why the frell are you carrying a P90?” Nemrac had managed to bring a P90 with her from the fan table, and marched with it in the parade. Granted, she does have a Tau’ri host, so I guess she has an excuse, but it became a running joke throughout the con.

After the parade we had the first Tok’ra Council Meeting. Well, it was part Council meeting, part team get together, part costume repairs. Some official business was discussed, the new leadership team was announced, but mostly it was a team get-together. The idea was that everyone was supposed to bring something to share – a native dish from their host’s homeworld. We had a few dishes to pass around, including a couple that were homemade and almost authentic. Those who forgot this year will be under strict orders to bring something next year, or be on clean up duty in the tunnels for the next year. And having a male host is not an excuse.

As the party started to wind down, a group of us made our way to the walk of fame. Cliff Simon was one of the guests. A few people got autographs. Then we got pictures, in the only manner a self-respecting Tok’ra would. With him being held at zat point. It appears that this was just one of the clones, but that matters little. Regardless which one he is, he is still Goa’uld. One less Goa’uld to oppress the galaxy is always a good thing. This picture is for you LizIdarel.

The team presented Brandy Ledford (the Tok’ra Zaren in End Game) with an honorary membership. She was surprised and thrilled that we would offer it to her, and she happily accepted. We also asked her what the name of Zaren’s host was, since the screenwriters never saw fit to tell us the name of the character’s other half. According to Brandy, Zaren’s host’s name is Barbara.

The SG open mixer was Saturday evening. This was the first time I had actually made it to the track room all con. The decorations were great. Way to go Marcia!

We finally got to see Kathy’s new Tok’ra costume, so that made seven Tok’ra at Dragoncon this year. Buzz and ‘Miles’ were at the mixer as well, two more friends of the Tok’ra. Buzz can be a bit strange at times, even for a Tau’ri, but his shouting TOK’RAAAAAAAAAAA seemed to be meant as a gesture of friendship. By the end of the evening it was a standing joke between our peoples.


The Tok’ra officially move en-mass. It was never planned, but throughout the weekend, you rarely saw a single Tok’ra by themselves. We moved in groups, almost without exception. People saw us, people noticed, and the Tok’ra were definitely remembered by the Stargate fandom this year.

Sunday afternoon was the alien costuming panel. There were several alien races included on the panel, including a wraith, Ronon Dex, Seth plus acolyte, both variations of the Tok’ra uniform, and Dan to talk about alien props in general. The panel went reasonably well. At the end the Tok’ra and Seth attacked each other, and we satisfactorily removed another Goa’uld threat from the Galaxy.

Much of Sunday was spent with most of us helping fellow team members with costume repairs/upgrades again, until we finally headed out for dinner a Steak-n-Ale. Don Davis showed up for the dinner. Yay! The dinner was the official one year anniversary of the Tok’ra Resistance team. The team got pictures with Don in honor of the one year Anniversary. A year ago we were just a few Tok’ra fans saying how there was a costume team for just about everything except the Tok’ra, and isn’t it about time we changed that. Now look at how the group has grown!

Sunday night was costume photo-op night, which can loosely be called a Dragoncon tradition. It seems to be changing slightly now that the masquerade takes place at the Hyatt, but there were still lots of interesting pictures to be had. Only at Dragoncon.


By Monday the fan table was suffering from the sleep deprivation of its coordinators. Most of the day was spent trying to pair up various props with their rightful owners. Even our symbiotes were exhausted by this point. Getting everything moved out of the hotel rooms was a major undertaking. Getting an elevator at Dragoncon is always difficult. Getting an elevator on Monday morning when everyone is trying to check out is almost impossible. We finally managed to get all our gear moved out of the hotel rooms and said our goodbyes, for now. It was a wonderful weekend, and we will certainly see each other again.

By Kitha