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Dragoncon 2005

Friday I arrived in Atlanta and met up with some friends at the airport. We didn’t get to the hotel where the con was held until early afternoon. The final parade meeting was that evening. I’m still working on getting a Zat, so I had to borrow one. I spent much of Friday night putting together a holster for the borrowed Zat.

Saturday morning I was up making some last minute adjustments to my costume as it was the first time I’d worn all the pieces of it at the same time. My Tok'Ra costume consists of nine separate pieces and is a bit tricky to put on at times. Thankfully two of my roommates were wide awake and willing to help make the small changes needed. When all the adjustments were done, I headed downstairs to where everyone who would be walking in the parade was meeting up.

I happened to be the only Tok'Ra in the parade. Kitha was dressed as a hobbit and marching with the LOTR group. I ended up in the middle of a row of desert camo bdu’s. Being in the parade was a lot of fun. I was surprised how many people turned up to see it. Doqtaj kept recruiting people in SG costume from the sidelines along the parade route. I’m not sure if she’s supposed to do that but it was fun to watch. I was glad I brought water because it was quite warm.

At the end of the parade we took several group photos. Douglas Arthurs and Alexis Cruz were in a car in the parade behind us and jumped in for a couple of the pics. I’m still trying to get a copy of that particular shot… Dougie somehow ended up right next to me. Hmm… A system lord standing next to a Tok'Ra… LOL It was all in good fun anyway.

Once all photos had been taken, I met up with Kitha who changed into Tok'Ra costume and we decided to go visit Carmen. I have to admit I was a little nervous about going to see Carmen while in costume, but I was more excited to see what he’d think. One of Kitha’s goals for the con was to see him so I didn’t take much convincing. Carmen loved the costumes! He was very pleased to see some fellow Tok'Ra and seemed impressed with the work done to make them. (I have to admit, though, that making my costume was my excuse to get Mom to teach me to sew and she actually did a lot of the work.)

After that we checked out the dealer’s room. Several people stopped us to ask for photos. It was during this time that Kitha introduced me to the idea of cosplay. We had a lot of fun with being in-character. Eventually we met up some more friends and went back to see Carmen again. There was only one problem… When in Tok'Ra costume, ALWAYS carry water. I’d taken my water-bottle belt pouch off after the parade. Big mistake. No sooner do we reach Carmen’s table then I start feeling a little dizzy and sick. The autograph area was almost murderously hot in three layers of cloth. Thankfully the con provides water for the guests and upon hearing that’s what I needed Carmen grabbed a cup for me. I was fine within a couple minutes after I’d had a drink but I definitely got a look at his paternal side. He and about four of the women were hovering making sure I was going to be okay. How embarrassing.

That evening was the SG-C mixer. It involved dinner at the Steak & Ale about two blocks from the hotel, door prizes, and games. All members of SG-Command that were at the con were invited, as were several of the Stargate related guests from the con. Carmen and Alexis joined the festivities while Dougie apparently popped in the restaurant, didn’t see us, and left before anyone could tell him we were upstairs. Not long after the guests of honor arrived, Kitha and I were told they were going to be giving awards and challenge coins, and as we were the only Tok'Ra present we were asked to present Carmen with his award. I had no idea what to say so Kitha got to do all the talking and I just stood there and acted as backup. I hate getting up in front of people. Carmen made a rather nice speech about how amazing it is to see what Stargate has become, and how it has grown because of the fans. Many pictures were taken of the three of us. Alexis also made a nice speech, and SG-Delta presented his award.

Somewhere during the course of dinner Emuz brought up the topic of starting a Tok'Ra non-regional team. Since he is already leader of SG-7 it would be a bit much to also lead the new Tok'Ra team so he asked if Kitha or I would like to and Kitha accepted. And so it was decided that after the con, the Tok'Ra Resistance team would be a go.

One lady at the table Carmen was sitting at had a service dog and somewhere during the evening it put its front paws up on his lap and started enthusiastically licking his face! Carmen made no effort to make the dog stop and it continued for a good minute before finally deciding he’d done a good enough job of washing Carmen’s face. A few quick thinking people got photos; unfortunately I wasn’t one of them. Several people thought the reason Carmen let it continue so long was to be a bit of a ham and wanted to let people get pictures. Some also thought he might be a dog lover since he mentioned having a dog, and only a dog lover would allow a dog to lick their face like that. Personally I think it was some of both.

Just before leaving Carmen and Alexis were asked to draw tickets for two of the major door prizes. First up was a zat and Carmen picked the ticket. It went to… Kitha! Half the room insisted it was a Tok'Ra conspiracy of course. Later in the night I won a GDO kit. After that Carmen and Alexis had to leave, although the party continued with a trivia game and lots of conversation for a good hour after.

I spent most of Sunday out of costume and wasn’t planning on wearing it despite how much fun Kitha and I were having cosplaying. That was the day of the Stargate panel with Paul McGillian (Dr. Carson Beckett), Gary Jones (Sgt. Walter Harriman aka the Chevron Guy), and Carmen. Alexis was late. It was a lot of fun and they told some good stories. Alexis said he has long been a sci-fi fan, and had been to cons as ‘one of us’ before he became an actor. He said it sometimes feels strange to be on the other side of the table. For those of you who were there… Paul McGillian: “I’m Uncomfortable.”

SG-Command was going to be involved in the intro for the masquerade that evening. The SG teams stormed the stage and secured the perimeter, while a few of us, including myself and Kitha, escorted the guests on stage. It was a lot of fun, and we were really honored that they asked SG-Command to do it this year.

From there we went to someone’s room and ordered pizza while we watched the masquerade on D*C TV and talked for a couple hours. We never did see the winners announced, the band playing while the judges were making their decisions was just too bad and we had to turn it off. After a while we wandered down to a Stargate party being thrown by Stargate Atlanta (Not Atlantis!). It was crowded and pretty soon several of us found ourselves out on the balcony discussing the Tok'Ra. One person argued against the Tok’ra. Kitha defended the Tok’ra viewpoint, and in the end he admitted she had given him something to think about. Another person welcomed us to Earth and asked when we’d gated in and how did we like it so far. At one point he made a comment to Lashek that she didn’t understand and when she asked him about it he said “ask your host” to which she had to reply that her host was Ataran and was just as confused. He stammered for a moment and I don’t recall him ever answering the question. Lashek and Nemrac agreed that the Tau'ri are quite strange and Nemrac put in that even with having one as a host they are confusing. Not long after that a small group of us left the party to hang out elsewhere. The group, including Emuz, Kitha, lostncybr, spectre, and a few others ended up staying up and chatting until around 5 in the morning.

Monday morning rolled around somehow I was actually awake, despite fact that I’d only had 12 hours of sleep total over the course of the previous four nights. I went to see “An Adversarial Proposition” panel which was supposed to feature Steve Bacic (Camulus) and Dougie. Unfortunately Dougie never showed, probably having partied too much the night before, and it became an Andromeda panel.

From there I crashed the SG-C costuming panel that was already in progress and was called to sit up in front next to Kitha and the others presenting the panel. We were even able to answer a couple questions regarding our Tok'Ra costumes. The funny part: it wasn’t until several hours later as we were leaving that someone pointed out to me that I’d gotten up and spoken in front of people, which normally I hate doing. Duh. I hadn’t even realized.

I went back to say goodbye to Carmen after that and ended up having a nice conversation with him. We did wander over to the Stargate Atlanta table for a bit and one woman there didn’t miss a beat when Kitha switched over to Lashek. Kitha and I spent most of the rest of the morning in costume at the SG-C table taking it easy as the con wound down.

Tok'Ra vs. Goa'uld


While Kitha and I were leaving the signing area after visiting Carmen, someone called out that we should get a picture of the Tok'Ra capturing Heru-ur. We thought it was a good idea and pulled out our zats as Dougie posed with his hands up. After a couple pics were taken, he decided to put his arm around Kitha’s shoulders. Now, Kitha as a character hates Heru-ur more than any other system lord, so I think you can see where this is going. Kitha threw his arm off a bit forcefully and told him to get his hands off her. Dougie was pretty startled. Later on Kitha said she should probably go and apologize and explain to him what happened, but she was nervous about going to see Dougie again. So…


I dragged Kitha down to the signing area to talk to him, knowing she’d regret it if she didn’t. He seemed to understand once she explained it. While we were there I thought I’d get his autograph but while I was choosing a photo he took my arm, since I was wearing a halter top, and singed it for free without me asking. He teased Kitha, in her Eowyn costume, that he’d do the same for her but it would be against her character.

That evening at the masquerade while we were preparing to escort him and two other hosts on stage, it came to our attention that Emuz had loaned Dougie the ribbon device. Kitha and I just knew he’d try something. And we put a whole plan in place for when he did. Unfortunately no one told the hosts we were escorting what they were supposed to do, so while all the guys in their OD green costumes stormed the stage just like they’d practiced in the hallway, the ramp up to the stage got a little clogged up with confused people. Emuz couldn’t get to Kitha when Heru-ur struck. I did my part and defended her and fortunately he didn’t use the ribbon device on her for too long.


I was a little late to the Adversarial Proposition panel I mentioned earlier and as I made my way there I could just picture Dougie yelling “Tok'Ra Kree!” when I walked in. I even had my (borrowed) zat loose in its holster and ready to pull out if needed. Good thing he wasn’t there.

The moral of this story? Don’t give Dougie ideas or he’ll run with them.

Overall Dragon*Con was a ton of fun. I had such a blast there I am already planning going back next year. One thing Kitha and I learned was that not much gets a reaction out of people at a place as crazy as that, but switching between host and symbiote will. We had Waayy too much fun cosplaying Tok'Ra. I just can’t describe Dragon*Con in a way that really gets the events across well enough. Guess you’ll just have to join us next year!

By Nemrac